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Just a few happy testimonials... 

We appreciate our clients!

“…The food is always good, the delivery is always prompt, and the service is always courteous. I recommend them without reservation.”

"Thank you for coming thru for my family (not just on special occasions, but everyday life). ❤️"

"Delicious as always. Both Shelle and I loved our meals.

She wants more, more... please!" Atty. Michael Russell❤️

"I hired them for events at my home.... They were on time, budget friendly and prepared great food!

People are still talking about events that took place last spring! LMG helped make my events memorable!"

“Thank you LMG for such delicious meals! Delivery was timely, and the food was flavorful and well prepared. During these trying times, I know they were prepared with love and care.”

Awesome food, great service." Mr. Steve Hood

Sister!! You are so amazing. Your hands are blessed. The food I tasted at my mom & dad's last night was SOOOO GOOD! Wow! it has so much flavor without the sodium… I want to hug you and say thank you face to face." Ms. Sonia Jackson Myles

“Loved all the food… I’m never cooking again!”

“I loved the chicken! Our food was delicious!”

“OMG, my grits are soooo good! The best Shrimp & Grits… Ever!”

“Thank you LMG for contactless drop off of a home cooked meal….”

“OMG the Greens and Cabbage! Food got smashed!”

“OMG, my grits are soooo good! The best Shrimp & Grits… Ever!”

“LMG’s Shrimp and Grits!!! Tasted them and relized hey… I need to post this so everyone can see how good it taste.”

Seafood Gumbo

"When you are begging for a home-cooked meal, my favorite chef came to the rescue. Delicious food, reasonable prices and amazing customer service. We are extremely grateful and our stomachs are full."

"We are loving the low carb meals. We are ordering on your next meal prep day."

"All of my coworkers loved the Fiesta Bowls and Smashed Potatoes.  Delicious, delicious, delicous."

“LMG’s grits are the only ones I will eat!”

“My wife said she is never cooking again! Thanks…. I think 😉”

Front liners sent… “Thank you, great job!”

Front Liners said “Everything was great! /we got texts before the next delivery.”

Front Liner says “Fantastic healthy menu and delivered promptly & safely. I could not have done better myself.”

“I ran across an angel of LMG Catering. The food she brought for my dad, grandma & myself. This beautiful cook delivered the food. Thank you! You are the best”

"The Seafood Pasta was off the chain! And, from the way my son inhaled the Ribs, his meal was the bomb as well. Thank You!"

"My Mom really enjoyed her Mother's Day dinner from LMG Catering. She said it was delicious. She also said the young lady Megan that delivered the food was awesome." Madash Larkins

"Shout out to Last Minute Gourmet Catering. My 

Mother's Day meals are all delicious."  Ms. Alicia Bradford

"Lordt.... If you never had Skinny Chef Kellye's Smoked Salmon then you have shorted yourself. The Brads are the best!

Ms. Sharla Anthony

"The food was delicious!!! We are stuffed and have plenty to eat tomorrow too. Thank you so much!!!"

Ms. Krystal Bradley

Ms. Deborah enjoying NYE's meal!

“LMG is a force to be reckoned with! The food is flavorful, delivery is timely and professionally executed.”

“Thank you for coming through for my family and I during times such as this; you are appreciated more than you know.”

Wow, My Shrimp & Grits were indescribable, but I'll try... delicious to the 1,000th power! They were so good, I just need them in my life. I'm in love with them. That's how I describe how I feel."

Ms. Gail Strickland

"The Caribbean Rice Pineapple Bowl was delicious!"

"Our Short Rib dinner was delicious. Tender and very flavorful. And, the Key Lime Pie!!! I'm going to eat everything. Thank You Ms. Francis Renee!"

"The Corned Beef & Cabbage and Potatoes is delicious. I need a nap..."

"I'm a country boy that cherishes the type of food I don't cook myself on a regular basis. I loved your Greens, Candied Yams and Ceviche. Everything was excellent. Thanks again!"

Hon Tom Shannon

"I would like to thank LMG Catering for preparing a delicious Mother's Day Dinner for my Mom. She truly enjoyed it. So did I."  Ms. Kimberly Davis

"Mother's Day Dinner and I didn't have to cook! Thank you Kellye, Francis and LMG Catering for thing the darn thang ladies."  Ms. Dee Johnson

"My dinner courtesy of my daughter, by way of LMG Catering. Seafood Pasta and BBQ Ribs with Steamed Asparagus and Red Skinned Potatoes. Delicious!!!

Ms. Marsha Brogdon

“Both Fish meals were delicious, let me know next time you cook.”

Meal Prep client says…. “Everything was Great!! Your team has some cooks!!!”

“We Appreciate you all! My team loved the food!”

“Thank you LMG for such delicious, flavorful and well prepared foods.”

Holiday Team working on Donated Meals

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